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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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it's eight thirty pm here in moscow and the money kevin zero in here with you tonight with our top stories about greece is rushing to reassure investors that it's worthy of the next bailout batches the prime minister says athens is doing all it can become cost says george prepares for talks with the euro zone's main leader and then the german. in syria government forces reportedly storm a key opposition town in syria after pounding it overnight with heavy machine gun fire moscow's calling on both sides to enter talks to stop the violence while rejecting western sanctions and avoid a repeat of the libyan scenario. and violence flares up between serbia and
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breakaway cos of a seven kosovan serbs have been injured in the speech of border crossing in an exchange of fire between protesters and nato peacekeepers. start the seven hundred seventy it's one of the world's leading experts on u.s. foreign policy walter russell mead explains to us the way the land lies for america's global future. walter russell mead thank you very much for being with us today sir good to be here it's a pleasure how you call this twenty first century the route this roller coaster ride in history. i wonder what spills and thrills to expect before the ride is done well when you look at the way the internet is already changing everyone's lives you
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look at how migration is sending people all over the world you look at how the world economy since two thousand has just been up and down and up and down this is much more thrilling than life use to be i was you know i came to this part of the world for the first time back in the one nine hundred eighty s. and very little it happened politically for a very long time i think in some ways the unfreezing in russia began unfreezing in other parts of the world we're seeing it today in the arab spring not necessarily for better not necessarily for worse but for a more interesting how do you make of the violence that there is right now in the world has it always been that way and it just causes that weren't aware or has it got to really look worse well it you know it kind of ebbs and flows in the world i mean you think about china in the one nine hundred fifty s. russia in the one nine hundred thirty s. you think about germany of course in the thirty's and forty's so there's been times
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when the pace of death was faster than it is now but also times when it was slower . you look at the war in the congo and people say as many as two million people have been killed in a series of civil and international conflicts in the congo in the last and i'm afraid that as we have more technology. we don't become better we simply become more able to do things both good and bad that is technology doesn't change who we are as human beings but it turns up the volume so that we are able to express whatever is in us good or bad more fully so you think it brings the good as good out of us as much as the bad as the bad we're all the same as before we are just louder. you believe that china is in the prior revolutionary state i wonder why does it have anything to do with decide that it's getting older faster than it's getting richer well that's
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a problem for china you know pre-revolutionary i don't think i've ever used quite that word but what i see is that the chinese government isn't stream really competent i have nothing but admiration for their ability to manage a growing economy and so on and certainly you look at thousands of years of chinese history in many ways this government has to live or more for more people but any other but at the same time every success they have at fostering more growth more development means they have a more complex society which then becomes harder to to manage especially when it comes from the top down corruption becomes more of a problem and i think the chinese financial system is. is in a much shakier state than might appears for a very long time the economy has been growing at ten percent a year. it's hard to lose money as a bank when the economy is growing that quickly so i think there might be
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a lot of stupid loans and many corrupt local officials their brother in law is getting money for something and so should something happen to knock off that very rapid path of growth we might very very quickly see that there are many more many more problems than that now looks like they have settled by case of the chinese revolution look like. i left my crystal ball us home. but i think what you would have is is more than a billion people all trying to live their lives in their own way and i think you have a lot of confusion you look at. chinese history and certainly before one thousand nine hundred forty nine you had a very long period of chaos and disorder before an order was formed it might take china a while but that's speculative so i know that here and i've heard democrats who
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voted for obama house it disappointed you in some ways yes in some ways and. i have to say when i voted for him i didn't think oh this is the one everything is going to be perfect i thought that he would be able to manage our front on policy. effectively not perfectly no one and i think he has. i think we're in fairly good shape and he's been able to do some of the things that the bush administration tried to do but without all the the trouble and aggravation and some ways which is good the mess stickley i think he made some mistakes at the beginning he he thought that the country had elected him to transform the country i think he was actually look to be more like bill clinton and try to keep everything nice and so he's gotten out because he tried to do too much
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and do some things people didn't expect or want he's now on the defensive and this is a difficult time for him what do you think shapes the valleys parmesan ministration lot of things i think he's very much a product of the kind of ivy league educational system. he sees himself i think is part of a new kind of america almost the millennial generation in some ways looking to build a post racial society i think he does he's he's not as much on the left as some people have thought a yes i don't i don't think that's right i think he i would consider more a kind of a. in the in the mold of people like mcgeorge bundy the sort of great harvard's technocrats of the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's i think is where he is pissing is going to get reelected that's very hard to say i know that you've described the united states e.u.
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and japan as financially responsible superpowers so i was wondering how do you think the world can afford to be led by responsible super powers well of course there are a lot of financially irresponsible non super powers too i think financially they're not superpowers right but what i guess what i'm saying is who else can it be led by i was going to second question that if united states actually loses their leadership who would it be to well that's partly why i think it may be less likely that the us will lose and in some ways the dollar as a reserve currency it's the chinese are not going to internationalize theirs for a while the euro is is not really an alternative to the dollar so what is it the swiss franc the south african rand ok but do you still get a sense that the superpowers are losing says the per prince and it inflationary lot . i think that the american economy is in
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a period of deep restructuring if you look at the last three hundred fifty years of sort of the rise of global capitalism you'd argue that the british and the americans have we've had many financial crises ever since the south siebold in the dutch tulip bubble even and some noise and when there's a financial crisis an economic crisis some countries seem to be faster to innovate and some countries say we knew capitalism was a terrible system all along we're going to have nothing to do with it so the argentina's thems and some others try to get away from it and then when the time comes for the next wave of grow. they've isolated themselves i think the british and the americans and are still prepared to try something new my guess is that the whole world has reached a stage where the old system economic system doesn't work we don't know how to make
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the transition to the new reform wondering around trying to invent i think americans are going to get there faster than some others so let me just recap because there's been a lot of talk with the past three years about the world becoming law type collar. and european things are going to stay that way they are the world order for a while well i guess what i would say is the whole the goal of american foreign policy is not actually a uni polar world i think people. think that the united states actually is more a grettir garbo and that is we would like to be left alone for example the european union from the united states point of view is the perfect solution the europeans aren't going to war with each other they aren't going to war with us they're pretty prosperous they like a lot of the things we do so the europe if it be nice it's had a dream for europe that would be it it's ok now we have much less
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power in europe than we did in one thousand nine hundred five when we could decide who ate what's ok but you have much more power in other parts of the world right but again what we want to say is we would like every place to more or less be like your happy rich at peace so that you can be left alone so right so that the world would be the way we want it to be but we wouldn't have to make it perform that's the american goal and so in that sense. i'm old and i polar world in which most or all of the polls kind of like the american way without us to make an. more like it and you see that's the goal and to some degree the emergence of in the the emergence of europe the fact that brazil was growing into just that kind of power suggests that that we're getting that what americans would
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consider a non multi-polar really rather than say the one nine hundred forty s. when you have the soviet union sure many enter panned out all eight that system and are trying to destroy what america like russia. would like to see russia happy free democratic and secure thank you very much. thank you. twenty years ago largest country. sixty six of the. city. was how did. you get to. where did it take. the. discovery.
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and. communicate with the want to. test yourself and become free. see what the nature can give you. please. her. let's.
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just say. the beasts . smug. it's. come up. if. c c. c c. c. today violence is once again flared up if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asked
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if the operations are all that smug. top stories now i don't see greece's rushing to reassure investors that it's worthy of the next bailout but she is the problem is as our friend says doing all they can pick up costs but prepares for talks with the euro zone's mainland to germany. in syria government forces reportedly storm a key opposition town in syria after pounding it overnight with heavy machine gun fire calling on both sides to win to talks to stop the violence while rejecting western sanctions and avoid a repeat of the libyan scenario. of violence flares up between serbia and breakaway kosovo seven kosovo serbs have been injured in a disputed border crossing and exchange of fire between protesters and nato peacekeepers. it said twenty forty five moscow time thanks being with this rebel
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runnable you're watching this catch up with you know she's going to school let's not waste a second now it's been a tough evening so far for moscow in the champions league yeah a few people thought it would be as well inter in moscow was always going to be difficult perhaps not this difficult we're going to look at the latest score in just a second all right. thanks for joining us always great to have your company this is sports today these are some of our stories in brief. caucuses tosh maker rich twice come from behind to draw with cherokee and monday so will the russian premier league fixture. team greens former world number one golfer tiger woods teams are putting a new caddy. following the break up of his thirteen year partnership with another
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bag man steve williams. time rugby team enjoy a day off from talking scrums on tactics of the world cup testing their mettle out of the french or park music. well for some and one of the biggest nights of the russian football year is upon us european giants interurban moscow currently taking in their second child into the group much of this season the half time whistle well it's just about to blow the luzhniki arena on the score is two nil to the visitors are living up to just half a dozen minutes with g.m. paulo. about twenty three minutes in. did go into the clash with injury problems galore well into themselves are having to make do with five playmaker wesley schneider who pulled the fine muscle last weekend. elsewhere by and munich are preparing to host champions league debutantes manchester city it's been one of the best starts to a season in the dawn this legal leader's history with byron registering nine
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successive wins in all competitions without conceding a single goal however city are also enjoying a fine run in england topping the sea of what with another much esther side united after six again weeks. it is always best you can play here. is an important. i do in these games and it's important if we want to improve like a dating. game and with that we can do very well. not bully who is to be a reality groupie with both teams seeking a first win in this year's tournament the home side even to improve on a goalless draw in the europa league playoffs last season which allowed the spanish club to progress on a two one aggregate scoreline though that yellow submarine languish in fifteenth place in the premier league not believe coach walter missouri maintains that that's conference nothing to. joke about the year
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a good team in the last year pleaded their territory at this level if it can compete in the champions league anything could happen they have more experience than nurse so we need to play the best we can in order to be them. and other action on beaten trumps one spore a meet french champions illegal in c.s. because group manchester united go head to head to see leading lights vassal while benfica take on the remaining new boys off to lowell record nine time type winners real madrid. polish side leading group d. after one the win over to grab a fortnight ago while the bottom place croats themselves travel to seven time french champions league. brings us to the russian game where some your s.o.'s scored his third goal for big spending on g. and a southern russian darby against chechen side f.c. chirruped the visiting side opening the scoring early in the first half through
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alexander probably get a break from carrick so fast the camera man probably caught it former spartak nonpublic a travelling pass to defenders on the goalkeeper before finishing into the bottom left hand corner on eight minute. it's it took a g. just half a dozen minutes however to equalize aloft the ball into the tourette penalty area benchley finding its way to add to that the four time african player of the getting no mistake one one how the first half ended son indeed how it stay for most of the second period as well punchy doing most of the attacking but all action approach would leave them exposed the back turlock taking full advantage with just two minutes of normal time remaining substitutes last saw for running half the length of the field after this before firing to the back of the net that left the sport to one to the visitors but the drama wasn't finished yet the tireless mubarak.
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cross into joe carter who heads the ball home for the equalizer one minute in stoppage time to two but ended up in much. but shell platini has stated preparations of all for euro two thousand and twelve and using ukraine are moving along at a satisfactory rate the way for president though pointing out the country which will cool host the footballing events with poland still has work to do. the preparations are going very well there i would say leave the roof isn't finished and i would see him doing as there are some hotels which i'm finished and in her cube the transmitter is unfinished these are small problems for they're going to zation of the competition but today concede was difficult to discount for ukraine and for three years ago things have gone easier oh. russia's rich make enough steam have every reason to celebrate after clinching top spot at the twenty eleven world championships there are seven gold and six silver medals heald out an event
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in moscow and she's the squad receiving their just rewards from sports minister for tollywood ko following this month's triumph if kenya conniver in particular drawing major plaudits for her exploits this siberian native winning six out of a possible six schools in france the twenty one year were not quite incredibly a seventeen time world champion in this sport. ok let's move on to goal for fourteen time major winner tiger woods has unveiled a man he hopes can return him to past glories the former world number one hiring joe like his new company woods fired his previous steve williams in july after a thirteen year partnership that thirty five year old american lives himself with calvin who's best known for his long term association with another former world number one frayed couples woods has been without a title for over two years on a slip to fiftieth in the world ranking since the much publicized revelations about
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his private life and his subsequent to force. to rugby were a draw was witnessed for only the third every time in world cup history today remarkably it was just one in canada for two still minutes the sim sides who also drew the two thousand and seven tournaments the game in new peer played in perfect position down with the most positive of approaches canada eventually fighting back to the night upon only a second ever world cup win twenty three apiece how it ended up after that italy ensure their qualification for the twenty fifteen games and victory over the united states the a jury also still in with a shy to meet ardent in this year's quarterfinals following the bonus point win in nelson. ok let's stay at the world cup for russia's final match of the tournament takes place on saturday against australia but clears using that own time to fit in on adrenaline packed afternoon route our correspondent richard report it went along was let's say a reluctant participant as well. it's
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been a tough debut world cup of the russians but they were finally given a chance to let their hair down a little adventure park in route to ruin jumping off a forty three metre platform might not be everyone's idea of fun but it certainly was for denise implicated church for twenty year old completed one lifelong ambition recently but scoring a try on his world cup debut was a move of course in its native also on the surface very first bungee jump however when it wasn't the only one once a good piece of the action was followed by passing the other team if he clearly is keen to free himself from an ungodly heights on the northampton saints player said it was a fantastic frail. muscle a source of i've dreamt of this there's a while before and this is a dream come true hopefully i'll have enough for strength to go to the voices of
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the. the players were like kids in a candy store and were trying to royds time off the time not the time. even though some of russia's challenges seem more interested in getting better acquainted with the local animal population. england recently got roundly criticized for doing similar been charged to its ease with the russian coach kingsley jones couldn't have been more different in his approach saying it was a wonderful distraction for the players plus it is important you know we've worked hard for the last. hundred twenty days and they need to refresh recharge you know. she's a lot of technical things you can work on the thing that's going to make a sport of it for scarce trailers everybody refresh mentally physically and you know the mental thing and mental rest and change from coaching is and getting cokes and training every day is important of course this is a fantastic break from the russian players to make great use of their free time
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while many of whom productivity's like this for the first time in their lives but there was no way but artie's correspondent was going to get away scot free. you are. right we're very very married now. so i am forty metres out there. well say. i managed to live to tell the tale just a buyouts. a but didn't prove to be the end of my new found freedom seeking experience. from russian favorites are going to decide to try as well. russia not a seven company. go. russia will now move to nelson on wednesday i had a bet on a world cup game and won the tournament finished for them on saturday table so we
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have some fantastic memories. my goodness it really is a tough life for some well i'll tell you what it's tough for me and kevin and he is in the studio and has the news at the top of the hour right after the world whether . it will be the. real you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered.
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